Download Pynsource

Download the latest release. 👈


Unzip and drag app into the Applications directory.

Mac users please right click open the first time

Mac Big Sur users need to first xattr -dr /Applications/

Windows 10

Unzip and run the installer.


Unzip and run the standalone executables available for Ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04.

The benefit of the binaries is that they run via the latest version of Python available, and will be able to parse advanced Python syntax like the walrus operator. They can also be registered with a Pro license (snaps cannot).

Special rare builds running version 1.77:

Ubuntu Snap Installation

Visit Linux snap installer (one-click install on any Ubuntu distro) or simply

sudo snap install pynsource

Note re snaps under Ubuntu 16.04 Due to a bug in Snapcraft, if you are trying to install the snap on Ubuntu 16.04 the GUI installer will not work and you will have to install from the terminal.

sudo snap install pynsource
sudo snap install core

Pro Edition

An affordable, commercial Pro Edition is also available with extra features like zoom and the ability to drag to connect shapes.

Simply download the regular builds and then purchase an rego key from here.


View the Changelog

Open Source

Pynsource is open source and the full featured Community Edition is totally free.

Pynsource Github repo